Where there is LOVE,
there is no fear.


Welcome to a place where you are safe, and protected by the love and warmth of the universe surrounding you.

My name is Arjuna, and you are about to embark upon a life’s transformation toward greater self awareness, self love and confidence.

Have you ever wondered if “this” is all that there is to your life? We all define “this” in different ways. It can be the drive for more money, or new possessions such as a new car or house. Some of us rely upon the excitement of a new relationship, or a new job. But with these “achievements” does it ever feels like enough? Our craving for more continues, and we feel unsettled and empty inside. We fall into a cycle of asking “what’s next?” and start the game all over again.

Or perhaps you have experienced an unsettledness which you cannot quite define, and are seeking peace and a stillness of the mind.

There was once a little boy from Indiana, who always did what he was told. As he grew into a man, he followed society’s expectations to become successful. As a male he defined success through his career achievements, who he married, and how he was perceived by the world. He craved acknowledgment by having the material symbols that represented he had reached the top by the world’s standards. And he did.

Then he awoke one morning at the age of 28 and heard a voice which said, “Is this all there is?”

He had it all but knew something important was missing. He had exchanged love for low self-esteem, abandonment, lack of trust and depression. He had been living his life from fear and from being everything other than who he was. He had a choice to live in love’s freedom or continue to follow the path of the living dead.

The voice then said, “You belong here and you will be alright!”.

That boy was me, and that change happened over 30 years ago.

I now work with people through their heart and soul, body, mind and emotion to re-discover “Who am I?”.

This journey is for those who no longer want to self-medicate and try to find comfort in things outside of themselves. This journey is for those seeking universal love.

You have already taken the first step by joining me here. I invite you to continue the journey, where we can work together with mutual trust and respect, to put to the highest use those wonderful gifts you have been given. You deserve it.

– Namaste, Arjuna