Sober Coaching/Help For People with Addictions

Arjuna has worked with people suffering from addictions over the past 35 years to help:

  • purify the mind, body, emotions, and spirit of individuals suffering from addictions
  • lay the foundation for a balanced, healthy lifestyle and foster peace and serenity
  • deepen love and truth; begin to live freely in sobriety

Service Areas: Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga, Santa Rosa, Sonoma , Healdsburg, Middletown, Angwin, other nearby areas, and over the phone.

Holistic Addiction Recovery: “To love yourself is to heal yourself – Arjuna”

Arjuna’s approach towards addiction treatment could be described as holistic, as it addresses purification and healing in 4 main areas:


  • More often than not, addictions and emotional pain and trauma are inseparable. Arjuna works to help people deal with emotional issues around areas of fear, pain insecurity, trust issues, abandonment and other underlying emotional causes of addiction.


  • Often people with addictions have an overactive mind, which is dominated by fear. Arjuna helps people with addictions to quiet the mind through breathing and meditation techniques, and contemplation.


  • Arjuna helps people with addictions to repair their damaged bodies through yoga, weight training, cardiovascular exercise and establishing a healthy purifying diet.


  • Arjuna guides individuals with addictions toward some form of spiritual study and finding a power higher than oneself. Whether that is a primarily spiritual or religious path is up to the individual and Arjuna encourages clients to take the path that they are drawn to naturally.

How the process works: the beginning of the process of “allowing”

  • Identifying complete surrender of self-will to the power of one’s addiction
  • Purification of emotions, mind, body, and spirit
  • Establishing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and “living dry”
  • Weekly sessions around areas of purification to begin healing process
  • Monitor triggers for relapse and how to deal with them
  • Established sobriety, from forming good habits to the point of it being “Grok” (innate and natural, effortless)

Why work with Arjuna?

Arjuna has 35 years of experience and a wonderful track record in helping people with addictions learn to live a fulfilling and sober lifestyle. Arjuna’s background and training in techniques for emotional, mind, body, and spiritual healing allows him to understand the whole person that is coming to him to get help with their addiction and to facilitate the healing process in all of these areas. Advantages of this type of healing process:

  • Affordable, one-on-one treatment
  • Treating the root causes of addictions
  • Emotional healing
  • Building a spiritual relationship (higher power)
  • Establishing a healthy body (diet, cardio, strength training, yoga etc)
  • Mind work in the form of meditation, contemplation, concentration

The Yoga of Recovery:
Arjuna’s Definitive Guide to moving from addiction to love
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Help with Addictions in Napa Valley

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