My “Spiritual Therapist”

I have been a student of Arjuna’s since Fall of 2007. I practice yoga and meditation with him. In addition to that, Arjuna also provides me with solid, applicable advice/coaching. This coaching is not only pragmatic but he has also aided me on my spiritual journey. I like to refer to him as my “Spiritual Therapist”.{read more...}

A positive, supportive, and accepting environment

For anyone seeking a better understanding of the world in which we live, and a higher level of self awareness, Arjuna is an invaluable partner, friend, and mentor in your journey.

He has real world insights from his own personal experiences and challenges, in which he has overcome. In a sense, he has summated the mountain and seen the horizon.

He creates a positive, supportive, and accepting environment where one feels safe that their thoughts will be honored and respected. Of final note, Arjuna is a highly intelligent individual with real world knowledge that spans business, relationships, marriage, children and more. He has broken through the day to day in which we all dwell, and seen the other side that most of us, whether knowingly or unknowingly, seek.

SDK, St. Helena, CA

He’s brilliant!

I have been a student of Arjuna for over three years. He brings love and acceptance to his masterful yoga classes and has made a positive difference in my life, in strength, balance and focus. He’s brilliant!
Mary Griffith – Research Director, mom, and student of yoga

Living each day with joy

Arjuna has shown me that being responsible for choosing how I address difficult situations in my life can make me feel stronger, increase my sense of self-worth and help me live each day with a lot of joy in my heart.


A consistent force in our life

He has been a consistent force in our life, getting each of us to the gym twice a week at 6:00 AM to lift weights and maintain our physical health. At this stage in our busy lives we have a growing maintenance list of things we need to do to stay healthy. We take this list seriously and have engaged Arjuna to assist us in the physical aspects of this maintenance program.

Being who he is, Arjuna has also incorporated healthy lessons of the mind and spirit into our workouts with him. It has been a joy to work with Arjuna.

Kary and David